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Instructions: Move your character using arrow keys or WASD, use the spacebar, left mouse or right mouse to attack enemies.

BotBattles.io Game


BotBattles.io is a robot game online about shooting at each other to see which bot will dominate the arena at the very end of the battle. You step into the playing field with your bot, and you must help it vanquish all challenges. BotBattles.io features more than 20 discrepant abilities you can pick from, so feel free to choose the ones you like then add them to your bot to make it more and more effective in combat. The abilities can be combined with each other, you should mix them to create many strong combos which make your bot able to stand their own in the arena. Remember to thrive your strategies through over time and use them so you can outsmart other enemy bots, especially the ones that are way too strong to defeat. Will you be able to dominate the leaderboard and become the strongest bot that everyone fears? Time to enjoy it! Good luck!

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