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Instructions: Use WASD for the movement or climbing a ladder. Press the spacebar for jumping or exiting a ladder. Use the left mouse to interact with items, the right mouse for using an item. Press key Q to drop an item, the mouse wheel scroll to zoom, key C for the fast zoomm key Enter to chat and key Tab to display the scoreboard.

Drednot.io Game


Drednot.io is a 2D Shooter Battleship-style game online opening another brutal sea battle to players. Partake in this exciting game online now and grab this chance to show off your skills. In the game, you will have to choose your favorite type of ship to create. You should form a small yet fast destroyer, or you can even generate a huge warship armed with lots of guns and armor. When everything is ready, make sure you will partake in the combat where you finish off all enemy ships. Don’t even forget to craft brand new materials and weapons, also, during the course of the fight, try to watch out for your ammunition and reload your guns in time so you can cope with the enemies easily. The enemies can get stronger than ever, so you need to develop your own smart strategies throughout the course of the fight then use them to kill everything in sight. Let’s try it now! Good luck to you!

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