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High IQ Battle Royale

Instructions: Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement. Use key Q to change to the pickaxe, key E to accumulate items, key G to drop items, the number keys to choose items, click the left mouse to use items, click the right mouse to use the scope on items or build with pickaxe equipped. Press key H for help and controls.

High IQ Battle Royale Game

High IQ Battle Royale

Are you excited about another awesome web-browser IO game called High IQ Battle Royale which is free to play for now? Let’s give this one a go for awesome challenges and you can grab this chance to present your abilities. This 2D Shooter features a deathmatch element, which means you have to fight for a chance of becoming the last man standing. At first, you are armed with just a pickaxe that can be used to deal some basic damage to others. Through over time, you have to pick up stronger weapons and more useful equipment for better survival. Then, use them to dish out even much more damage to your foes. Don’t forget to form wooden walls using the wood collected from damaged trees. With these walls, you can feel safe and avoid enemy attacks easily. There is also a storm shrinking each 1 minute then last for 30 seconds. Make sure you go through it! Are you ready? Kick it off now!

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