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Instructions: Use WASD or the arrow keys to move, B to open the shop, Left mouse to control selected items, E to collect, G to drop objects

Slender.Io Game


Slender.Io is a cool 2D shooter game, which is regarded as a remade of Slenderman but with a little change. At the start of each match, somebody will be selected to play as a scary creature while the other people will have to gather enough 8 notes before they run out of time. Aside from searching for those items from the floor, you do not forget to check the shop in Slender.Io. In which, you can use pages that you have already collected to purchase different stuff such as the shield, the potion, telescope, and more. If you are chosen to be a Slender, your mission is to catch everyone or block them from completing their objective. In case you are a human, you are recommended to work together with friends to fulfill your job promptly. You can avoid and hide behind trees for survival. Try to stay alive or conclude your task excellently!

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