Crazy Flasher 4

Linda November 14, 2022 Action Games

Crazy Flasher 4 is a cool shooting game as well as the next chapter after Crazy Flasher 3. Beat all enemies in Crazy Flasher 4 by using some guns right now!

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Crazy Flasher 4 allows the player to fight against human opponents or walking-dead characters. You’d better defend yourself against these until you win the match.

You are playing a fantastic top-down battle. In which, you can purchase a few weapons before you start. However, you must have enough money first. Don’t worry! You can earn money by beating your rivals. Remember to protect your character and survive!

Crazy Flasher 4 unblocked actually provides you with many different tools. And, each of them has unique features fitting your possibilities. So, you should choose them if you want to win.

Besides, it promises to be a crazy fast-paced battle action game. In fact, it’s essential to launch every action quickly and accurately. Thus, that will maintain your survival. Don’t forget to look around the area! You can spot the enemy before they appear and approach your position.

Crazy Flasher 4 no flash is a good shooter with various weapons. Further, there are some unique challenges waiting for you to select. It’s time you connect the main story and unlock every scene right now!

How to play

  • WASD keys to wander around the map
  • Move the mouse around the area to aim
  • Click the left mouse button to attack the rival
  • 1-4 to switch your tools
  • G to drop a weapon
  • E to open the entire map
  • Q to save your progress
  • B to purchase something
  • Spacebar to chat with NPC
  • M to check the menu

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