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Instructions: Move your cell around the map using the mouse. Press number keys to purchase a new cell.



Play another Cell-themed Agario Style IO game called CELLX! This game is all about cell armies and players must fight for their ultimate arena domination. You begin with just a small single cell moving around the map to pick up numerous idle cells across the arena in order to attack other players or protect your own cells. When you gather a lot of cells, your points will be much increased, then you can use them to buy even more cells. You should never stop growing yourself until you become the largest and the most fearsome cell army taking over the entire arena, which is your main objective in CELLX. During the course of the fight, be sure to watch out for not only aggressive opponents but also the black holes since they can absorb your army in whole and wipe out all of them. Do you think you can top the leaderboard to prove your supremacy? Join it now!

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