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Instructions: Use the arrow keys for the movement, press key X to make yourself heavier.

Bonk.io Game


Have fun playing Bonk.io unblocked on your PC in browser! Bonkio game is a free physics-based game in which 8 players have to battle against each other at one time in the same lobby. There are two game modes: the last man standing and team-based matches. No matter what mode you partake in, you have to perform your excellent raw skills, quick reflexes, and good strategies to smash into your rivals to wipe them out. During the course of the battle, you can make yourself heavier, and once you get heavy, you will have more momentum, which helps you push enemies out of the arena much further, and nobody can easily push you back due to your heaviness. There is only one drawback of becoming heavier, which is that you will have much less maneuverable. An interesting thing about Bonk game online is that it allows you to create your own maps easily using the level editor. You can even join many maps made by the community too. Are you ready? Play it now!

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