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Instructions: Attack enemies using the left mouse, click the right mouse to merge your fishes and hold it to consume enemies. Use the mouse wheel scroll to zoom.

Aquar.io - Play free online


Aquar.io is a successor of Oceanar.io – a famous ocean-themed IO game on the Internet. You should get yourself ready for an underwater adventure in which you take control of an angler fish queen trying to build a big army. To do this, you must go eat as much scattered food as possible so you can add more fishes to your squad. The different fish types can be merged into each other for creating stronger variants. Once your army has been developed, it’s time for a clash! You will manage your army carefully, send them out to defeat the rival fishes. Keep your army safe all the time! Escape quickly if you confront with hostile enemies, or else you will meet your doom. The final objective in Aquar.io is to build your dominance in this deep ocean and turn yourself into the best angler fish queen! Are you up for this aquatic adventure? Jump into it now!

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