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Crazy Jump.io

Instructions: Use the mouse for moving your character and click the left mouse button to jump. 

Crazy Jump.io Game

Crazy Jump.io

Meet and compete against numerous enemies from across the world in Crazy Jump.io – an epic game free for all opening brutal jumping battles. This is the game for you to show off your jumping skill! You will take control of your character carefully, let him jump and help him knock out all enemies before they kick your character out of the arena. Defeating enemies gives you an advantage which is to build the size. This means the more kills you pick up, the larger the size you can reach, and you will become much more powerful as the game advances. Also, try to develop your strategies through over time. You can use them to outplay other players easily. The most important thing in Crazy Jump.io is to keep yourself alive until you become the best jumper in the arena. The game also features many great characters for you to pick from, and they all have a discrepant style and look. Enjoy the game now!

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