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Instructions: Perform the movements using WASD or arrow keys. Click the left mouse to fire, use the right mouse or press the spacebar to zoom.

KillStreak.tv Game


You need to join KillStreak.tv right to prove that you are an excellent shooter! In this third-person shooter IO game featuring retro graphics and various weapons to pick from, you will compete against multiple opponents from other countries, and you guys will vie for the ultimate glory. Navigate your way through the map trying to shoot down as many opponents as possible while protecting yourself from other enemy shots. Everyone is an enemy in this arena, they will not show mercy to anyone here! Therefore, you must fight in a brutal way, show no mercy to your foes, and make sure they will not have any chances to shoot you down. Once you get killed, you will meet your doom for sure, meaning the game will be restarted from scratch. Do you think you can stay alive until the end of the match and obtain the best killstreak in KillStreak.tv? Let’s jump into the action right now! Good luck!

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