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Monsters VS Humans

Instructions: Move your character using WASD. Use the mouse to turn, use key B to purchase weapons, use key G to drop weapons, and collect items using key E.  

Monsters VS Humans Game

Monsters VS Humans

Monsters VS Humans! is a team-based zombies game focusing on a merciless battle between zombies and humans! Humans want to fight off the zombies while the zombies want to eliminate all humans. In case you become a human, you must use your abilities to finish off the zombies, and if they are way too tough, just quickly escape away from them as fast as possible before they touch you. In case you are a zombie, then your main objective is to kill as many humans as possible. You can work with your teammates to defeat the opponent team! Teamwork is an important key to success in Monsters VS Humans. Therefore, make sure you always stick with your allies to overcome the dangers. If you stay alive until the end of the game, you will earn a certain amount of bonus. Let’s give it a shot now then see if you can bring the victory to your team!

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