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Instructions: Use the left mouse button for the movement. 

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If you are a fan of Hole.io and Crowd City, surely you will like Popular Wars.io! This Upgrades free-for-all game takes inspiration from those famous games and it will bring a new gaming experience. The game is all about gaining the most followers possible for a chance of winning. Like the other previous games, you also have to control your own group of people around a big city. You must move fast and use your smartness to overcome all impediments standing in your way. Try to search for niche cliques, consume the entire communities as well as never stop increasing the size of your group. If your popularity becomes big enough, feel comfortable to begin soaking your opponents and their fans. But you must make sure that you always defend your group from the enemy attacks since they can steal your people anytime. Can you build the largest group of followers in the game? Join it now!

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