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Instructions: Use the mouse to move, left click to dash

SnakeBlock.io Game


SnakeBlock.io is a fun-addicting Slither style game which is free for all ages to play online against each other. The goal is to turn into the longest snake. After you accept to step into the match, you do not ignore increasing your mass. Actually, you should focus on eating food dots which are randomly generated across SnakeBlock.io playfield. Be careful! You do not run into blocks, other tails, and the edges of the map. Otherwise, your adventure will end immediately. At the bottom of the screen, it is a bar that you are required to fill it up. Once you are ready, you can embark on the real battle in SnakeBlock.io. It means that cutting off your rivals will bring back a great chance to boost your rank and scores. However, you can choose to run away from someone if necessary. Remember to recharge your dash skill and protect your head!

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