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Instructions: Move your character using arrow keys or WASD and use the mouse to control the ball.

Twix.io Game


Twix.io unblocked is a competitive arena multiplayer game in which you have to smash all of your opponents using a ball. Twix.io game is very similar to Agar.io, but still, you will get addicted to it for its unique gameplay mechanics. Being armed with a ball on a chain, you must swing it carefully after entering the arena and use it to kill any rivals around you. You have to smash them into pieces, then quickly grab their squares in order to grow the size of your ball. Or you can grow its size by collecting many dispersed gems on the arena floor too. Once your ball has become larger, you will find it easier to destroy your opponents, especially the tough ones. You have to kill every single enemy and become the biggest wrecking ball to dominate the arena! Are you ready for Twix free game online? Let’s give it a try now!

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