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Instructions: Use WASD or the arrow keys to move the troop, LMB to deploy items, B to buy stuff, N to hide the name, M to turn on the background music

10waves1boss.io - Play free online


10waves1boss.io is a free multiplayer tower defense iO game. It is known as a survival match. In which, you need to come together in order to fight and block all hordes of monsters from invading your base. It is an adventure set in a period alike with the real monster apocalypse. It is possible for you to play solo. However, you are recommended to team up with other online characters to defeat the boss every ten waves.

As you advance through levels in 10waves1boss.io unblocked, the enemy faction will grow stronger. It means that it will be harder to destroy them. It is essential to keep your soldier and the commander center safe until the end! After you appear in a small wooden house, it is also the moment that the zombies begin to carry out their plan. To progress, you are required to act strategically and obtain the best weapons as in Yorg.io. Good luck!

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