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Instructions: Move your archers around the map using the mouse. Attack enemies using the left mouse and press 1-9 for the bow.



If you want to know how great your archery skill is, then join ARCHERz unblocked right now to test it now! As one of the best io games recently released in browsers, ARCHERz free should be a hot pick for everyone! You are an archer with a small army, and your goal is to grow the size of your army to the max until you dominate the arena. Start to hire more archers then add them to your squad, then you must send them out into the fight to kill all enemy armies. These archers are not only here for the fight but also for the gold coins, which means they can help you gather coins on the jungle map. Each army can have up to 100 archers. When you reach this maximum number, you will find it easier to kill enemies as well as earn more coins. Just stay focused on the game and use your strategies to surpass all challenges for a high chance of dominating the arena.

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