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Asteroid Anarchy

Instructions: Perform the movement in asteroid field using arrow keys or WASD. Press F or spacebar to shoot. Use “?” to show frames per second and ping.

Asteroid Anarchy - Play free online

Asteroid Anarchy

Asteroid Anarchy is yet another battle royale game for worldwide fans of io games to come to play and master. To win Asteroid Anarchy unblocked, you must use a lot of effort and high concentration. The whole game is set in an asteroid field where you must accumulate two basic resources, namely crystals and ore, improve your ship, kill bots and other human players. There are many things to do to survive in the field, right? Hence, you will have to prepare everything in advance! When you make your way through the asteroid field, you can kill bots and other players to get crystals. An upgrade will be awarded to your ship when you collect every 10 crystals. 1000 crystals are available in the game and waiting for you to collect. Try to get them all! For the ore, you will get ore if you mine the center planet or eliminate bots with other players. You will use ore to repair the ship when it gets damaged. Now, you may have learned everything about the gameplay. All you have to do left is to survive to become the winner!

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