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Instructions: Use the mouse to move around and collect food

Bigfoxwarz.io - Play free online


Play Bigfoxwarz.io online and compete against a lot of strong enemies in the new iO game your way for free! It is one of the beloved titles inspired by the classic Agario style. How you control your companion is similar to the movement that you are recommended in Dinoroyale.io. To become the King, you need to be the biggest fox first.

Engage in the playfield of Bigfoxwarz.io unblocked you should forget to have a look at the instruction. It will show you the best strategy to control your movement. It is useful to avoid deadly bites of those who are bigger than you. It’s also effective to collect more food. Before you enlarge in Bigfoxwarz.io, you have to eat as much as possible. Aside from growing in size, your ranks will be increased. Furthermore, you can complete the target faster if you capture smaller opponents nearby. Are you ready to participate in that interesting match and conquer the top spot? Good luck!

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