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Instructions: Use the left mouse or use keys WASD or arrow keys to direct the movement of your plane. Your plane can release bombs automatically.

BomBom.IO - Play free online


Causing as much havoc as possible is what you need to do in BomBom.IO unblocked as you pilot your own bomber plane around a huge map competing against many rivals from across the world. BomBomb.io new io game can leave a big impression on you when it features jaw-dropping 3D graphics and amazing features. You need to bomb the enemies as much as you can, grow your size when you bomb and boost your points, making your airplane much stronger. Just ensure that you will avoid contact with the larger players. If you crash into them, you will die and the game will be over. It will take you a lot to win the battle in BomBom.io free online, especially your excellent strategies to outsmart all the rivals. But still, just do your best to have a chance of winning! No more waiting! Throw yourself into BomBom battle right now and fight your way to the top!

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