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Bumper Cars

Instructions: Use arrow keys or WASD for moving your Bumper Car. Press the spacebar for more power but limited boost.

Bumper Cars - Play free online

Bumper Cars

Get ready to become a hostile driver in Bumper Cars unblocked! You are here for an epic race against many online opponents. With entertaining gameplay and great graphics, you will surely become a fan of Bumper Cars game. At the start of the race, you will direct your own car through the map. There will be plenty of enemies driving their cars around you. Try to perform good moves as well as use your good strategies to destroy all of them before they do the same to you. As you pick up kills, you will realize that your size is getting bigger too. This gives you more strength and more confidence to kill tough rivals. Be on the lookout for your surroundings as you drive the car around the map. Also, you need to have some strategies ready in advance so you can deal with dangerous situations. You aim to become the best driver in Bumper Cars online! Have fun!

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