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Instructions: Move with arrow keys or WASD. Click the left mouse to assault or gather items. Use key C to craft, key B to build, key I to open the inventory and key M to open a team.

Dynast.io - Play free online


Dynast.io is a web-browser awesome multiplayer strategy game giving you an opportunity to construct your own dynasty that can last the ages. You start making your way through a big map in an attempt to find as many resources as possible to grow yourself and then use the collected resources to craft advanced tools with nice weapons that assist you on your journey. Watch out for the wild animals roaming the lands searching for their delicious meal. You should attack and beat them quickly, give them no chances to assault you back. Also, you must defend yourself from the enemy attacks as they can wipe you out and steal your items. Everything around you is very dangerous! If you have no plans to cope with them, you won’t be able to last long. Try your hardest to stay alive, get through all the challenges, develop your dynasty and turn yourself into the best player!

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