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Instructions: WASD or Arrow keys to move your player around the playfield Left Mouse to launch the tool 0-9 to switch your present tools Esc to turn on or turn off the game menu.

Eldyn.io - Play free online


Play Eldyn.io online and you should take control of the realm as soon as possible! It’s important for you to prevent everybody from stealing your position as well!

It promises to be an exciting MMO game because of the medieval style and hack n slash elements. Once you knock down your rivals, you will have the chance to get more powerful. Not only that, you are able to unlock newer powers.

What you obtain will allow you to turn into a braver character and you can defeat someone in an easier way. But, you should collect the best weapons with the most helpful items, and sharpen your skills soon.

Meanwhile, you begin the match with only a spear with rations and a buckler. Thus, you need to attempt to level up. Don’t forget to act strategically! You will quickly have enough tools and power to take over the top spot.

Eldyn.io multiplayer game is completely available to experience. Try to capture all of the regions of Eldyn to get rewards, valor, and more! There are many similar team games waiting for you. Good luck!

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