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Instructions: Use WASD or Arrow keys to roam around, Q to trade, G to exchange, B to open the store, K to sell souls

Exorcist.io - Play free online


Exorcist.io is one of the new 2D shooter io games that you should try out. Aside from being available to discover the map with your team, it is interesting to unlock upgrades. It is about a survival adventure and you need to protect the heart in the center of the room if you want to win.

Exorcist.io is a great tower defense title unblocked. In which, you must prevent all of the monsters from stealing or damaging the core. Each wave will come every 30 seconds, including wicked bosses. By using given weapons, you can eliminate the enemy as in Surviv.io. They can be guns, blades, bombs, or spirits. Play Exorcist.io free online you will obtain plenty of amazing items from the shop. In the store, you are allowed to improve your HP and bought souls. Remember that it is an endless battle! Therefore, you are advised to gear up carefully before each round. Attempt to level up and you can engage in several exciting events!

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