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Instructions: Move your character using arrow keys or WASD. Press key R to reload, the left mouse to fire and the spacebar for using the advanced power-up.

Gats.io - Play free online


Gats.io is an action-packed 2D Shooter game with a tough gameplay. You direct a single character around the arena full of risks and enemies. Before entering the fight, be sure to pick from a wide range of many weapons, such as a machine gun, a handgun, and a riffle. In addition, you are allowed to switch your armor type that has an influence on your movement speed. When wandering around the map, not only will you face off against the enemies, but you also come across many obstacles. But, you can make good use of the obstacles to elude your opponents as well as hide from their incoming attack. Try to pick up more eliminations to grow your stats, then pick upgrades to make yourself super powerful. Don’t forget to reach a designated zone on the map to refill your XP. Can you become the top champion? Join the game now! Good luck!

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