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Instructions: Click on the circles using the mouse or keys ASD.

Hitormiss.io Game


Hitormiss.io free online offers unique gameplay with amazing features. If you are in search of a new io game to master, Hitormiss.io should be on your searching list as it will keep you entertained for hours. You can play it for free in your browser and get ready to meet new online players from around the globe. The in-game mission is to click and circles that pop up on the screen as fast as possible. When taking on this mission, your reflexes will be truly tested. You need to be a fast player who can touch all the circles and prevent your opponents from clicking on them. The more circles you click, the higher the score you will get. If you get the best score at the end of the round, you will become the winner and dominate the leaderboard. Have your fingers ready for the challenge in Hitormiss io free game now! Much fun with it!

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