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Instructions: The mouse is used for the movement. Splash your color on the map using the left mouse.

Inkwars.io - Play free online


Get ready for a tough ink war in InkWars.io game and see if you can kill all enemies! InkWars.io unblocked is a team-based multiplayer game revolving around a tough battle where each team must release their paint color on the map to take over areas. You can belong to either the Purples or the Greens. When everything is ready, you must work with your team members to defeat the entire opponent team. The colors represent teams in the game. You must make your way through the map using splash tubes with diverse weapons to paint areas. Watch out for the rival team and you can speculate what they are up to do so you can stop them from winning, especially when they want to destroy your team. If you have a good performance, you can earn an amount of money, then use them to customize your characters or purchase new items from the shop. The big challenge is if you can lead your team to the ultimate victory! Are you ready? Have fun playing InkWars.io online now!

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