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Instructions: Move your killer using WASD or arrow keys. Use Z to kill and use X to interact.

Killer.io - Play free online


Killer.io unblocked is a killer-themed io game with tough challenges. You put yourself in the shoes of a maniac killer whose mission is to slay all people at the Halloween party. You will make your way through new adventures of killing and hiding bodies in Killer.io free game. The people at the party are having fun and enjoying stuff there, but they have no idea that you are about to kill them. Hence, do whatever it takes to secretly approach them and quickly destroy them without them knowing. The more people you kill, the more scores you will earn. But, you have to be careful because if somebody catches you in the act, the game will be over. You should watch out for your surroundings before doing something and make sure you develop your smart strategies so you can get out of sticky situations. Once you have completed the mission, you will become the winner. Play Killer.io game now!

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