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Instructions: Move around the map using WASD. Collect items using E/F, shoot enemies or build stuff using the left mouse, toggle build mode using Q, jump with the spacebar, sprint with Shift, reload your weapons with R, open the map with M, and change weapons with number keys 1-6.

Kize.io - Play free online


Jump into the arena of Kize.io unblocked to compete against lots of enemies! This is going to be another battle royale io game that keeps you addicted. You can play it for free in your browser. All of you will be placed in a lobby and when you are all ready, go to the main map to start the battle. You have to move around the battlegrounds hunting for weapons, items, materials, and supplies for your survival. There is a wide array of weapons you can find on the ground, such as assault rifle, SMG, SCAR, shotgun, RPG and even grenades. Make use of them to deal damage to the enemies around you. Don’t forget to build a base for yourself using lots of materials you have picked up. The base will keep you safe from the enemies. Also, you need to watch out for the storm and the play areas that shrink in size. You have to survive until you are the last one alive on the battleground, and that’s how you win Kize.io game. Much fun!

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