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Instructions: Use the mouse button to control and move cards

Litemint.io - Play free online


Litemint.io is one of the top free classic strategy Io games. Although it is a casual title, it will bring back a very interesting fast match. In which, you will compete with multiple online opponents. Before the time runs out, you need to defeat all of them to become the winner. Just click the Play button and you can go through a quick on-boarding competition with a friendly training bot or real players.

After the Tutorial, you will be able to master how to conquer challenges and dominate Litemint.io unblocked. In case you have already finished the goal, you will instantly obtain other cards in the deck of your own. Therefore, make sure you can check these items out! They are useful to upgrade the power that you will launch in the next round. In each turn, your pieces and the rival’s objects will get stronger. Remember to learn about your collection and choose the best stuff! Other power-ups are also great to help you reach the target sooner. Good luck!

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