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Instructions: Use the mouse to navigate, double LMB or Space to split, hold LMB or W to shoot, Shift to move slowly, Ctrl to stop

Mitos.is - Play free online


Mitos.is is a fantastic multiplayer HTML5 iO game like Agario, with some additional elements to the original gameplay. Take control of a tiny cell and eat as much as you can to enlarge. Being the biggest creature on the server will help you conquer the top spot immediately!

Aside from eating objects, you are allowed to devour other smaller players in Mitos.is unblocked to grow in size. Do not bump into any virus while roaming! Otherwise, they will make you explode into many pieces. Therefore, you can be eaten by somebody nearby easily. In Mitos.is online, you will be able to gather coins scattered around the map for free. The money is great to purchase items, improve your stats maneuvers. Currently, there are 3 different modes to choose from. You can play the match alone or enter another room to capture the flag. Try to survive and dominate the leaderboard!

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