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Ogre PVP

Instructions: Press U to melee attack, I to control the ranged weapon, O for the armor, T to drop items

Ogre PVP - Play free online

Ogre PVP

Ogre PVP is an exciting online multiplayer strategy iO game. It is a place where you are forced to outplay all hostiles before you achieve the goal. Start off with a little ogre you should capture creatures on the map and defeat opponents to occupy the top spot!

Ogre PVP unblocked is free for you to play at school or at home. It consists of many stages with different difficulty levels. Before you complete the target, you need to overcome every challenge that they bring back. Once you stay alive and go through scenes, you will have the chance to upgrade your weapons as Tactics Core. So, it’s easier to eliminate the foes and you can conquer the leaderboard faster. Aside from melee hits, you do not forget to deploy the ranged equipment or gear up your character with armor to defend. If you are killed, you will lose everything but 1/4 coins. Let’s engage in the battle and unlock stuff now!

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