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Paper.io 3

Instructions: Go around the map to capture more space using the mouse, arrow keys or WASD.

Paper.io 3 Game

Paper.io 3

Paperio online game is an enjoyable game to play, and now it comes back with the third chapter – Paper.io 3! Have your skills ready again to conquer this new edition in Paper io games series then see if you can dominate the arena or not. The gameplay of the third installment remains the same as other previous versions. You still have to build your own base larger by going around the map to capture more empty space. You must connect all the captured space back to your main base to expand it. There are many other contenders who are doing the same thing as you. They can take any chances to collide with your tail, and once they do, you will be out. You must defend your tail at all costs, at the same time, try to kill them to take their space if you can. Playing Paper io 3 will need some strategies to take on tougher enemies. You should prepare some in advance to get an upper hand on them. How big your territory will be?

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