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Instructions: Use arrow keys or WASD to direct the movement of your character. Jump with the spacebar, click the right mouse to aim, click the left mouse to shoot, use L to toggle the flashlight in the night mode, use Esc or Tab to toggle pause.

PixelForces.io - Play free online


PixelForces.io unblocked is a good strategy game with pixelated graphics and unique gameplay. It pits players around the world against each other in the same arena and there can only be one hero dominating, making the battle more competitive. In Pixel Forces.io online, your mission is to finish off all foes using your weapon while protecting yourself from their bullets. Feel free to take a jump on a trampoline to chase enemies and make sure you get an upper hand on them using your smart strategies to secure a better chance of winning. It is very important to save your life in tough situations because if you get shot, the game will be over. A good player must be the one who always stays on the lookout for the surroundings. You should try your hardest to get through the battle and survive until the end to make yourself the King of the arena in PixelForces.io game.

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