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Raft Royale.io

Instructions: Direct the movement of your raft using the mouse or tap on the screen to control it if you play the game on mobile.

Raft Royale.io - Play free online


Raft Royale.io unblocked is a unique 2D shooter game where you have to create a raft and use it to kill your opponents. This is a tough ocean battle that you must use your excellent skills with smart strategies to conquer it for your victory. As you move around the arena, you have to be on the lookout for many sea monsters, such as octopus. They are very hostile, dangerous, and willing to kill you. Stop them from doing that as well as protect your raft all the time. You can aim at the rafts that are smaller than yours then quickly eliminate them out of the arena while avoiding the bigger ones. Don’t forget to develop your smart strategies through over time because the toughness of the battle will be increased, you will need to use the strategies to deal with hard-to-beat enemies. The strongest player will become the victor of the battle, and that’s your main goal in Raft Royale io game. Join it now! Much fun!

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