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Instructions: Use the mouse to move your craft

RaftRoyale.io - Play free online


RaftRoyale.io is one of the free ocean iO games including upgrades unlocked with gold coins. It is about a fun adventure with pirates. They have already discovered a great place. In which, they can challenge their driving skill and collect a lot of treasures. However, they are going to get troubles with rivals and multiple dangerous sea monsters.

Play RaftRoyale.io unblocked online you should move carefully for survival as the intense match in Shell Shockers. At the start, you’d better keep your raft away from the pink sucker-bearing arms hidden in the water. Crashing into them will make your vehicle explode in an instant. Additionally, you do not cross the path of stronger enemies who own bigger means than yours. Or, their cannons will automatically kill you. Join RaftRoyale.io and you are allowed to pick up plenty of chests. They contain resources to expand your base, add more minions. Further, you will receive extra weapons. They are helpful to conquer the top spot. Good luck!

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