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Instructions: Move your character with WASD, click the left mouse to fire, collect items or interact using key E, reload your weapons with key R, click the right mouse to release an item, press key Esc to open the menu, and use key M to open the map.

Raids.io Game


It must be pretty cool to die on a Raptor! Now, you can experience that awesome ride in Raids.io unblocked – a fighting battle royale game that is free for all in browsers. Raids.io game features a wide range of dinosaurs for players to ride on. You can pick your favorite one and select a gun for yourself before jumping into the chaos. You will have to use your dinosaur wisely to finish off all the enemies around you. It will not be easy to defeat them when they also carry their dinosaurs into the battle. Therefore, you are advised to go find the T-Rex – the toughest dinosaur available in Raids.io game – then use him to slay your opponents more easily. You should get new loot by smashing a wide range of objects scattered on the ground too. Gear yourself up with full equipment from dinosaurs to weapons to conquer in the raid. Enjoy Raids.io free game now!

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