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Play REPULS Online

REPULS is one of the newest 3D shooter iO games about a futuristic match. Play the incoming challenge free online like an advanced cybernetic warrior and control a powerful weapon with some interesting equipment. The winner will be the soldier who collects enough 15 kills first. 

Grab the best gun and show up your abilities in REPULS unblocked promptly to defend yourself and defeat other people! It’s recommended to aim before shooting! Remember that your character will always run and you can make him jump whenever to avoid dangerous obstacles. If you take damage, do not forget to evade encounters so your health can be restored! Aside from the pistol, you can bash with your item somebody approaches you. Besides, it’s easy to throw a frag grenade. There are various maps containing different interactable objects like portals, explosives, or gravitational lifts. Let’s learn about the arena and conquer the top spot now!

How to play

Use WASD to roam, Space to jump, Right Mouse to aim, Left Mouse to shoot, Q to bash, 1 to choose weapons, 2 to deploy equipment

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