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Instructions: Hold the left mouse to navigate and attack Release left mouse button to defend and attack

Sword.io Game


Sword.io made by LoraStudio is a fun web browser power-ups .iO game inspired by Agario style, which is not blocked at school and can be joined at home or anywhere. Not only that, it is available to engage on your desktop or mobile devices.

Play Sword.io free online and get a match like Battle Royale Fortnite where you will compete against other rivals. Besides, it is also necessary to gather swords after you spawn. They will work as a shield or a weapon. The main aim that you should complete is to become the most powerful swordmaster. In order to achieve the goal, you are required to eliminate the foes and gain the highest score as soon as possible.

Sword.io HTML5 Multiplayer is a survival journey that you must protect your player from every dangerous situation. It is simple to dash and escape from somebody who is stronger. Meanwhile, killing green and red dots will give you more XP to level up. Furthermore, your blade will grow longer while removing adversaries will increase your points. In Sword.io unblocked, you can single out any style to enjoy. It means that you can be aggressive to rank up rapidly or unlock new stages slowly. Good luck!

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