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Instructions: Run back and forth across the screen using the mouse. Jump with the left mouse.

Tangies.io Game


With unique gameplay and cool features, Tangies.io unblocked will be one of the best io games for you to master. It is an avoider game pitting you against multiple players from around the world. All of you will have to dodge the plague of asteroids smashing your planet. When you step into the arena, you must quickly run back and forth from the sides of the screen, and more importantly, try not to be smashed by the falling asteroids, otherwise, it will be a game over for you. Although you are unable to interfere with other players, you can still see them as ethereal ghosts. There are plenty of resources falling down from the sky, your job is to collect them as much as you can and stop others from having them. You should make use of your collected upgrades, such as shields, energy, fireball, and invisibility to boost your strength as well as get an upper hand on enemies. Will you fight your way to the top in Tangies.io free game? Play it now! Have fun!

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