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Instructions: Speed up your worm using the left mouse button.

Wormania.io - Play free online


Wormania.io is a tough web-browser Slither Style game online in which you direct a neon worm around the map to gather as many colored dots as possible for growing your size. The more dots you absorb, the larger you are, which brings you a nice advantage to fight against other enemy worms controlled by real human players. You can make use of the big body of your worm to surround the enemies then force them to run into you, wiping them out instantly. In addition, you can give your worm a speed boost to bypass other players to block their pathways and give them no choices but to hit your body. You’d better defend your worm as well! Do not run into others or the border of the map, otherwise, you will meet your end. The final goal here is to reach the highest spot on the leaderboard to become the best worm of all! Try it now!

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