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Different from the classic Slither style, it’s possible to find out lots of power-ups in! Are you ready to engage in the newest version and take over the top spot? Remember to hunt down the leader and turn into the biggest worm on the server!

Play online unblocked you will drop into a dark massive map full of glowing orbs! They are the safest resource that you can collect, consume. Especially, they are actually useful to help you grow longer. In other words, you will have the chance to rank up. Aside from that, it is feasible to loot the remains of slain players. Within free, you are able to speed up. It is important to run away from those who are stronger than you. As well, it is an exciting ability to support you to chase the prey, block their head and cut off them. However, it is not simple to carry out your plan successfully. Remember to recharge it by touching the electric grid lines promptly!

How to play

Use the mouse cursor to navigate your worm

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