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Trap Adventure 2

Instructions: Hit A and D to walk, W to jump over objects or holes

Trap Adventure 2 Game

Trap Adventure 2

Trap Adventure 2 is a free action platform game available to enjoy on both the PC and mobile platforms. Specifically, it was initially released for iOS in 2016. Further, it’s impossible to search for Trap Adventure or Trap Adventure 1 despite its name. Trap Adventure 2 unblocked will lead you to a dangerous adventure set in a dark cave. In which, you will take control of a small man. Your mission is to find the way out. Before you complete your job, attempt to keep you safe until the moment you reach the exit.

Like Cat Mario, there are countless deadly obstacles found. Play Trap Adventure 2 online you need to avoid them for survival and for the victory later! Especially, it is a hard title when it is known for the level of difficulty that it hides. Trap Adventure 2 is also regarded as a very frightening version of the original Super Mario Bros. Are you ready to face every stage and conquer the final area? Try to overcome an endless series of spikes, flames, and all! Good luck!

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