Linda November 22, 2017 is a wonderful homeland to all players that are crazy about iO games online. To have a wonderful time while visiting this website, we recommend all of the official users to take a look at our privacy policy in order to understand all the data amassed by the webmasters here. It’s much better if you learn all of them since all of your information will be collected and kept here. Take your time reading our privacy policy carefully.

Log Files

The webmasters can make an excellent use of log files to look into the data, collect demographic data, run websites, pick up more info and track the users. Log Files also store other information, including IP-Internet Protocol addresses, ISP-Internet Service Provider, the details of the user, the visiting time of users, individual browsers and so on.


All the information and the likings of the users will be carefully stored in Cookies. In addition, the actions of the users or changing the page content can also be tracked and done through Cookies.

Web Beacons

Web Beacons are used to help the webmasters run their own websites. The way that the users visit a website and get the content from there will be understandable through the utilization of both web beacons and cookies.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

With the assistance of Dart Cookie, now Google – the third party that involves in the websites – will be able to deliver their ads to the users instantly. Normally, the Google ads will show the content of the principal website or other websites.

Some modern technologies, like Java Script, Web Beacons and Cookies, will be applied by Google or other third parties in order to run and send their advertisements to the users via their current browsers very fast. These technologies also help assess the accomplishment of the advertisements.

It’s much better if you go check further information about the privacy policy set out by the third organizations. If you are not fond of using cookies anymore, you can disable the cookies by ticking some selections in your browser.

Researching on other privacy policies or finding out how to stop cookies from working can be done when you visit other websites using your personal browser if you are into this.

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