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Flap Royale

Instructions: Flap your wings in the game using the mouse or the spacebar.

Flap Royale Game

Flap Royale

Are you a fan of Flappy Bird game? Or do you simply want to compete against more players? Play Flap Royale unblocked at school in your browser right now to meet new friends and conquer more challenges. Pretty much the same as Flappy Bird and Flappy Royale, this title puts you in the shoes of a flying bird that has to vanquish a long journey full of dangerous pipes and enemies. All of you will jump out of a car rather than an airplane like in other battle royale io games. After this, you must quickly flap your wings to fly through as many pipes as possible. For each pipe you conquer, you will receive one more point. This means, the farther you travel, the higher the score you can earn. Try not to touch any pipes, or else you will fall down to the ground. The goal for you in Flap Royale game is to become the winning bird!

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