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Instructions: Click the right mouse to move, use keys AZERT or keys QWERT for using an item. Press arrow keys for moving the camera, use key C to lock the camera, and spacebar to focus the camera.

Adversator Game


Adversator is a great MOBA HTML5 Multiplayer game with stunning 3D graphics. Adversator from free io games series pits you against new rivals from around the world. There are plenty of heroes that you can pick and fight with before entering the arena. Once the battle is kicked off, you have to roam the map hunting for different creatures then knock them out of the arena. Pushing them needs some strength, hence, make sure you power up yourself by using whatever items you find on the map, then utilize them to buy brand new equipment. Just defend yourself from the dangers around you, especially when you are targetted by the tougher enemies. You can fight them off with the smart strategies that you have developed through over time. Also, put your effort into destroying the enemy’s base then come out as the ultimate winner of the match. Adversator game keeps you amused and entertained for sure! Give it a shot!

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