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Instructions: Move your snake around the map with the mouse. To speed it up, simply use the left mouse button.

LittleBigSnake.io Game


Little Big Snake can be the most special Slither Style snake game for its wonderful features, multiple quests, many achievements to complete, and crazy hunts. If you do love to play snake io games unblocked, you can give a shot to this title now. In LittleBigSnake.io unblocked, everybody starts as a small snake when first spawning in the arena. The big aim here is to get yourself larger than ever by gobbling up many colored dots dotted around you or killing other enemy snakes then eating their dead orbs. That’s how to build up your size! When you are so ready for clashes, you must use some tricks to lure other players to run into you or even speed up to cut them off. Do whatever you can to kill them while making sure that you always protect yourself from the enemy attacks. The longer you survive, the higher the chance you will rule the leaderboard. Enjoy it!

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