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Instructions: Form the side of a square by using Left mouse

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start the fun-addicting 3plus1.io strategy game against a strange rival or share the room with a friend! The main aim is to form and complete as many squares as you can. To become the winner, you need to triumph over opponents throughout the world and set the new record.

3plus1.io is a free-to-play online multiplayer title which is suitable for all ages. Before you embark on your match, you should follow the tutorial carefully. Each round can be controlled by 2-6 people. To join 3plus1.io with your buddy, you can choose the Party Mode. Additionally, in turn, each of you will have to pick out and create the side of a tile on the screen so you are able to build or surround a place. In 3plus1.io, you will be given 15 seconds to do that. Try to use it wisely! If you are successful in forming, you are allowed to auto replay. Every area that you occupied will be colored and your score will be increased. Good luck!

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