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Instructions: Use WASD to move, Left mouse to release items, G to drop, E to gather

Futurefunk - Play free online


Futurefunk is a new survival strategy iO game. In which, you need to complete your job to become the winner. You can be chosen to be a human or a zombie. Therefore, you should finish the target depending on the role that you are assigned. Try to survive the infection or spread it over the area!

Take part in the fun match in Futurefunk unblocked and quickly recognize your mission! Somebody will be picked out as a starter undead and its goal is to bite as many people as possible. If it touches someone, it will infect the victim and turn him into a weaker corpse. In case there are still a few ordinary persons and the timer runs out, their faction will win. If everybody is damaged, the monster will dominate. When you play Futurefunk free online like a defender, you can buy weapons and other tools in the shop. Additionally, you are able to collect objects to build a barrier or work together with a team. Let’s hop into the race and rule now! Good luck!

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