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Instructions: To move/turn, use WASD. To shoot, use the spacebar. Choose a weapon using keys 1-4. Press key Q to jump, key E for a diagonal jump, keys ZXCV to choose a blueprint, key Shift for auto move, key R to reset or clear the move, key M to open the map and key N to open the options menu.

Pixeledo Game


Make your way through a new arena in an exclusive and awesome Battle Royale game called Pixeledo – where you must use your strategies as well as excellent surviving skills to defeat your opponents and monsters. The game is set in a broad arena filled with dangers and features turn-based gameplay, which means you must take your turns then use them wisely to inflict damage on the rivals. Try to make every turn counts as well as maximize your movement, together with dishing out the largest amount of damage possible to the rivals for a better chance of winning. You’d better watch out for your surroundings during the course of the game. It’s very important to defend yourself from the opponents’ attacks, or else you will meet your doom. The final goal of Pixeledo is to become the winner and build your dominance in the arena. Have all of your skills ready for the big challenge now! Wish you luck!

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