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Instructions: Control your snake with the ouse, and speed it up by clicking the left mouse.

SnakeIsland.io - Play free online


SnakeIsland.io opens a dangerous world of snakes! Are you ready to step into this world and fight with a good spirit to outplay all enemies? You should partake in it right now if you are a fan of snake IO games, especially Slither.io. SnakeIsland.io offers a lot of great features with fast-paced gameplay. You start as a small snake moving around the world at snake island in order to eat a lot of foods to increase your size. When you reach a good size, take advantage of your big body to encircle other snakes, and have them crash into you. When you kill enemies, quickly collect their drops to grow your size even more. You’d better elude running into other snakes as you try to conquer the arena, otherwise, the game will be over. Also, do not think about leaving the island because your snake is unable to swim. All you have to do in SnakeIsland.io is to dominate the entire island. Good luck!

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